The Capital Series 2011-2016

The Capital series  2011-2016

Ingimar Einarsson (b.1988) is an Icelandic artist known for his bold, dramatic images, created via a process of abstracting elements of photographs.

During his BFA studies at the Chelsea College of Art and  Design in London, he started developing his own photography style focusing largely on architecture as his priority aesthetic.

“I  constantly tried to tackle big ideas early on in my career for   large-scale installations but lacked the capacity or resources to execute them. In an attempt to achieve the scale I was after, I picked up a camera and began photographing the architecture of the cities I lived in and visited. This process became the basis of the Capital series.”


The fact that I have little control over the initial aesthetic of my subject led me to layout a  creative framework for the project, a framework that I subsequently applied to the series en masse. The processing of each image adheres to this relatively rigid set of rules. Following such a process maintains the textures, forms, patterns, and colours that initially draw me to a building. 

In contrast, the selection of each building is a more visceral, organic process; it’s more of a gut feeling. 

My photographs of architecture began to evolve into collages of repeating patterns which now make up the primary aesthetic of the series. To an extent, I approach my subject in the same way musicians use samples to make new sequences, it is, in essence, a form of a visual remix.

An investigation, and deconstruction of the modernist architectural aesthetic.

The result is the Capital Series.